back from the future … back to the future

Harvey Christensen works on the Oregon State College
Electronic Analog Computer, ca. late 1950s

hello, dear readers

well, a promise is a promise, even if i didn’t really promise.

in a previous blog post, welcoming my own return to the blogosphere, i mentioned that i would be following up on some past blog posts from the infancy of this experiment i call the naked library.

hold on as we go back, back, back in time to…2009. initial blog posting title: winthrop prof uses kindle to spark new age of learning. pretty ambitious, wouldn’t you say?

the winthrop professor is dr. mark herring, who also happens to be the dean of library services at winthrop university, here in good ‘ol south carolina (rock hill, specifically).

his grand experiment? give each student in his class a kindle dx and see what happens. sparks? flames? inferno? 

i emailed dr herring to ask him for an update on his kindle experiment and he was kind enough to respond. i think we might all know where that kindle experiment went, but wait until you see where winthrop’s library went, and dr. herring’s thinking along with it.

read all about it by clicking this link. it’s a microsoft word document i’m sharing with you on google drive. 

google drive? there’s something we haven’t talked about yet that didn’t exist in 2009 – cloud storage for the masses. hmmm…future blog post? probably.

happy reading…no matter the format!


thumbs up – a discovery of witches (first in a planned trilogy) by deborah harkness. it’s about a witch who doesn’t want to acknowledge she’s a witch who falls in love with a vampire while looking for an obscure monograph also being searched for by other witches, vampires, and werewolves. NO! it’s not twilight. besides, the protagonist is a librarian. trust me on this one… it’s good. really!! seriously!! stop laughing!!

thumbs down – the borrower by rebecca makkai – librarian winds up on road trip with kid, accidentally. i couldn’t pretend a librarian wasn’t smarter.

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