book buyers are . . . people! who knew??

ahoy, dear readers

look at the picture to the left. do you recognize what that is? take a close look. what do you see? people? books? magazines? cash register? if you answered museum, you are . . . INCORRECT! if you answered brand new independent bookstore, give yourself a big attaboy or attagirl!

this short post is about a clip i just saw on the vaunted, celebrity-laden, funny and politically tuned “colbert report,” (pronounced coal-bear re-pore) with stephen colbert.

yesterday, february 20th, 2012, colbert (pronounced cole-bare) had the author ann patchett (pronounced pa-chay-no, just kidding, it’s patch-et) on his show. now, if you are reading THIS rag, i mean blog, then surely you know who ann patchett is. she is the author of such wonderful books as the award-winning bel canto, truth and beauty, and her latest, state of wonder.

but, she is also known as the woman who opened an independent book store, parnassus books, in nashville, tennessee when everyone knows the physical book is d-e-a-d, dead as a doornail, dead. why did she open an indie? well, the two bookstores in town, totaling 60,000 square feet) closed. both of them. around the same time. that left no bookstore in nashville. zero. zilch. nada. goose egg.

here’s the interview from the colbert (pronounced, oh, never mind) report with ann patchett. enjoy.

and remember, soylent green is people.

actually, according to ann patchett, maybe bookstores are people? enjoy!!

thumbs up reading – the call by yannick murphy. hunker down in vermont with a large-animal vet and his family.

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