CES wrap up 2011

hello, dear, faithful, loyal naked library patron.

two posts in one month. i haven’t been on a roll like this since…anyway.

you may be wondering what this picture is on the left hand side of the page (or above if you are reading this on an iPad). that’s gonna be my new refrigerator. and, for the princely sum of $3,499 you, too, can have the tweeting refrigerator. why are we talking about this refrigerator? because it was part of the . . . CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW!!! [cue confetti and horns, please]

last year about this time, i posted a short blurb about the CES (consumer electronics show) and added a nice little write up about e-readers.

ohhhhh what a scant 365 days or so can make. e-readers?? pshaw. yesterday’s (or last year’s) news. the news of the day or decade? iPad killers, i.e., tablets. RIMs blackberry playbook seemed to impress. smartphones…replacing laptops and netbooks? how about combining them, courtesy of the motorola atrix. it’s a smartphone that plugs into its own laptop. gosh! smart TVs, i.e., TVs connected to the internet. another big thing…3D without glasses. primitive but promising? i don’t know, i still like the amazon kindle. apparently, i’m still reading yesterday’s news on yesterday’s technology (although i did get an iPod touch for christmas and it’s adorable).

here are some quick wrap-up links so you can have something to throw around at your next cocktail party. you can even show them on your new iPad (or your choice of killer). i know you have one.

inc magazine

cult of mac – for a more “wish you were there” look at the show

washington post – yes the paper one.

happy reading…no matter the format.

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