it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . .

iPad to the rescue?? on the college campus? maybe yes, maybe no. comme ci comme ca.

if, dear reader, you have been a regular follower of my blog (and i KNOW you have), then you have read my previous posts regarding the amazon kindle and the colleges that engaged in pilot programs to integrate the e-reader into their libraries and curriculum.

well, basically, the amazon kindle got a grade of C- in this endeavor. but never let it be said that the walls of academia are staid and backward thinking. we forge ahead. to the 21st century and the iPad.

Reed College, one of the initial colleges to participate in the kindle project, is now doing the same thing with the iPad. no, it’s true. cuz it’s in the chronicle of higher education.

and it seems as though reed college isn’t the only college gung-ho about this revolutionary device called the iPad: Seton Hill (not Seton Hall) is giving EVERY FULL-TIME student a brand, spanking new iPad!! woohoo! makes you wanna go back, doesn’t it?

BUT . . .

leave it to the wall street journal to rain on steve jobs iParade. with a headline like IPad struggles at some colleges, what is one to think? exactly! connectivity and network issues came to my mind immediately too! [sigh]

the road through innovation is paved with hot coals.

happy reading . . . whatever the format!

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