colleges and kindles – drumroll, please . . .

annnnnnnnnnnnnd, cymbal crash.

college and kindle. if this were a blind date, not sure they’d go back for a second malted at the ole’ malt shop.

inside higher ed’s steve kolowich reports several schools have finished up their amazon-sponsored kindle trials. the bottom line – students like taking notes. who knew? if they can’t take notes, fuhgeddaboudit. and, as we all know, you can’t take notes on a kindle dx (okay, maybe not all of us know, but a lot of us). the other bugaboos – no page numbers, no highlighting, no multiple open documents, and inadequate navigation. whine, whine, whine. just kidding.

although the article refers to princeton, case western reserve and uva’s darden school of business having completed their trials, this intrepid reporter could only find the actual report from princeton. and those princetonians are on the ball, publishing a long version and a short version.

luckily for you, no location numbers here, and really, no need for annotating or note taking. just enjoy.

princeton final report

in other news:

federal agents raid gun shop – find weapons.

happy reading (in whatever format you choose).

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