bipartisanship? not in my backyard!

okay, here’s the thing. (wait, do i always start my posts with okay?) anyway (do i use anyway too much? don’t answer that!)

at my house, the only thing that is on the television from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm is msnbc and its one-hour opinion shows (at least that’s what i call them). msnbc has a left-leaning (okay, they fell over) bent. i hear there is this other channel called foxnews and that they have a right-leaning (again, more than the tower of pisa lean) lineup (politically speaking).

in listening to this every weekday (thank you vince) i noticed that one topic can produce veerrrrrrrry different opinions. one topic – multiple views.

and so it is, it seems with e-readers and e-books. or books. or reading. one topic – multiple views, veerrrrrrrrrry different opinions. and some opinions, just like politics, can be downright insulting.

i pondered this (as i tend to do) and asked myself why people feel so strongly about e-reading and e-books. is it because our reading choices and experiences are so personal that we dare not mess with them? is it that we fear change and are resistant to it? maybe we just think it’s a bunch of hooey. hey, i only ask the questions, i don’t claim to have the answers. i was just thinkin’

here are some recent articles worth reading (however and on whatever you like):

e-readers creating new buzz in the college market
e-library economics
let’s e-liminate digital books
a lindie?

and my favorite:
camel mobile library

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One Response to bipartisanship? not in my backyard!

  1. Libby says:

    You pose a good question, Robyn. And when I ask myself why I have a certain *emotional* response to ereading, it's not clear, even to myself! Let me talk to a licensed professional counsellor and I will get back to you!

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