a confession . . . of sorts

nooooo, i’ve not been hiking the appalachian trail. i have not fathered a child out of wedlock (that i recall) and i am not client #9. but . . .

i like e-readers and e-reading . . . dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

so, dear reader, if you have followed this blog, you may notice a slant toward technology and innovation. i do not apologize (okay, i’m sorry – that was a little blunt).

i’m a gadget person. even tho i may not use them to their utmost capacity, i like having gadgets (a cell phone is still a gadget). a laptop, mp3 player, karaoke machines. what? but, most of us are gadget people. we like automatic windows in our cars, cd players in our car radios, alarms on our homes, traffic lights. all technological improvements and innovations. freakin’ lasers (for you dr. evil fans) GPS . . .get outta here, literally.

yet, when it comes to books, somehow, we then wish to regress. the smell, the feel, the taste, oh, wait, not taste, the print, paper, deckled edges, the cover (not judging).

e-books . . . pshaw! how will i read to my kids? what will i put on my bookshelves? how will the person across the bus aisle know i’m reading that fabulous brand new book that EVERYONE who’s ANYONE is reading?

all i’m asking is to think about why you read? because for smell and feel and print and paper, you can carry the yellow pages around. and have yellow pages!! but do you share a love of reading by what you read or how the book feels. the story, the characters, the plot, the humor, the excitement, the despair. the way you’re whisked away to another city, country, world, dimension, thought, opinion. what is music? the paper it’s printed on? hardly. television = plastic box? movies are only as good as the screen it’s projected on? reading is about being on the receiving end of a story someone wants to tell and you want to hear. audiobooks? i’m just sayin’

okay, putting soapbox back in closet. here are a few interesting articles i recently came across. if you’re still on this screen, you probably dozed off. it’s okay, it happens.

kindle review – publishing and books in 10 years
the gadgeteer – aluratek libre ebook reader pro (i think it’s kinda ugly)
teleread – your library and the ebook format wars

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