bill gates stars as . . . kreskin???

okay, if you’re younger than me (no, i’m not saying), then you may not recognize the name kreskin (the amazing kreskin, that is). but if you do, congratulations!

so with that little bit of psychic trivia (i’m also available as a lifeline on who wants to be a millionaire for a small percentage), we may now move on to bill gates, multi-gazillionaire, former ceo of microsoft and current ceo of the bill & melinda gates foundation which gives gobs of money to worthy charitable endeavors.

but, never let it be said that his finger wasn’t on the pulse of the future. maybe it still is. refer to exhibit A, this article in the seattle post intelligencer from 2007 with his predictions regarding 5 years hence (approx. 2012).

equally as interesting are the comments below the article. one topic addressed by the commenters is the environmental impact of e-reader device disposal. sometimes the average joe is more interested that the expert. where’s al gore when you need him?

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