i don’t digress . . . the consumer electronics show

yes, one of the biggest trade shows in the nation, the 2010 consumer electronics show (CES) is going on in las vega$, and luckily for us, what’s happening in vega$ this week, will NOT stay in vega$. i dream of attending one day. what is CES anyway? it is an EXTRAVAGANZA. of course there are every type of celebrity imaginable: james patterson (author), tyson gay (olympian), james worthy (NBA) ,stan lee (comic genius), tommy lee (musician and ex-mr. pamela anderson) and, of course, lady gaga (???). just kidding – lady gaga is the newest smash singer on the scene right now. but the real celebrities this week – the ELECTRONICS. and among those are E-READERS. take a gander at the explosion of e-book readers planned for 2010, thanx to the nytimes. and check out the san francisco chronicle’s coverage of e-readers at the CES. coast-to-coast coverage! it’s going to be an exciting time for this technology, but i still haven’t seen anything yet to rival the kindle, simply because of the amount of books available for it directly through amazon. displays are nice, but it’s the content that matters, imho. i predict lots of partnerships between e-reader manufacturers, publishers, and content providers. let the races begin!

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