happy new year . . . everything old is new again!

greetings and happy new year! i hope that 2010 will be everything you want it to be and even more.

and speaking of more, in 2010 there will definitely be MORE e-readers and MORE debate about e-readers, e-books and e-verything associated with them.

to start off the new decade, this little ditty is from the opinion page of the new york times website. titled ‘does the brain like e-books,” five fairly smart (it IS the new york times, you know) individuals from varying backgrounds discuss . . . reading! in all it’s glory! electronic vs. print. retention. comprehension. blah, blah, blah – oh wait, i mean extremely titillating and engrossing opinion.

since i started this little blog experiment, i’ve realized that the subject of e-books and e-reading is almost as volatile as the public option. so that must mean that this is an important time in history. i’m not sure if it’s a technological, or monographical, or educational milestone. a combination of all of them, i suspect, and probably more. throw money into the mix (and an apple iTablet or iSlate or iSomething or other that will take over the world) and it should be an exciting (or at least interesting) 2010. i’ll try to keep you posted. when i’m not reading.

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