future of the library? neither futurish or library-ish. discuss.

if you’re an SNL fan (saturday night live, if you’re not), there was a character played by mike myers named linda richman, host of coffee talk [insert jersey accent here]. she would throw random thoughts out, such as “rhode island is neither a road nor an island. discuss.”

anyway, back to the lecture at hand. the future of the library. this time, an actual futurist weighs in. thomas frey, senior futurist at the davinci institute, is google’s top rated futurist speaker. on his blog, futuristspeaker.com, he ponders the future of colleges and universities . . . IN THREE PARTS!

academics have a much longer attention span than i, so i give you . . . the future of colleges & universities, part one. venture further on your own.

oops, correction . . . FOUR PARTS! discuss. at your own risk.

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